Friday, January 31, 2014

Natural Health & DIY

Hey guys, if you haven't already, I would definitely suggest checking out the site Natural Health and DIY. This site has so many skincare and other health tips. Some of my favorite posts are on What does a toner do, how to cover a pimple, blackhead removal tool, at home acne scar treatments, antibiotics for acne, and vegan recipes and advice.
The author is a good friend of mine, and has developed this site for users looking for natural health tips, and a focus on do it yourself. The most insightful post on the purpose of toner is my favorite, I've always wondered what the point is, and thanks to the post, now I know! Toner is generally used as a treatment in a skincare routine, and also helps remove anything that washing your face missed. Oftentimes washing our faces isn't enough- makeup and oil can still stick to the face, and when you use a toner, you'll realize how much you miss by only washing your face! Check out that post here