Saturday, December 21, 2013

Can You Get Retin-A Over The Counter?

Well, this definitely depends on where you live! If you live in the United States, Canada, or most other first world countries, then its likely that Retin-A is not available over the counter. With that being said, it is definitely available online through foreign pharmacies. Ordering through these pharmacies is very easy, and issues rarely arise.

The main reason that this drug is regulated, is that if it is not used properly, significant damage can be done! So if you are planning on ordering from an online pharmacy, it’s definitely suggested that you do extensive research to understand how it works, whether it is appropriate for you, and how to use it. For example, some skin conditions such as Rosacea, or broken capillaries can be significantly exacerbated by Retin A. So to restate that, please make sure it is for you!

I have found that the best website to obtain retin-a from are Indian Pharmacies. Be incredibly careful when ordering form online pharmacies. Check reviews of the site, and make sure the site is established and has been around for a while. There are many scams out there! Remember, buying a prescription drug online is illegal- so this makes it incredibly easy for scammers to take advantage! There are many online pharmacies out there that take your money, and run! So be careful!
So you may be wondering, where can I buy Retin A online? Well, the one online pharmacy I have had great success with, as well as many other reviewres on MakeupAlley, is AllDayChemist (Google It!).

So what kind should you get?

There are usually 3 different strengths, Gel, Cream or Micro or Regular. What is best??? Well, the biggest difference is between regular or Retin A Micro. The micro version is supposed to be better tolerated, although according to the reviews I’ve read, it has received lower reviews than traditional versions. The micro version contains the main ingredient that is encapsulated, and time released over time. Based on reviews, I have decided to go with the regular version vs micro.

Next, is the difference between gel and cream. Many of the reviews I have read have mentioned that the cream can often contain pore clogging ingredients, however this will be dependent on your individual skin. Its said that if you are suffering from acne, the gel would be the best route, and if you are using retin a for wrinkles, then the cream should be used.

Next, there are usually 3 different strengths: %0.025, %0.05, %0.10. If you are first starting out, its critical to use the lowest strength (%0.025) for the first 2 months (at least!) then, after your skin has tolerated it, and stopped peeling, then the next strength can be used (although this is NOT necessary). Many people have had great success using the lowest strength throughout.


To save costs, I always buy the highest strength (%0.10), and dilute it with lotion or something else. Directions say to use a pea size amount, so if you are using the %0.10 strength, but want it to e %0.025, then use ¼ of a pea size.

So yes, you can get Retin A without a prescription! But be careful, and be warned!

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